Best Minecraft pixelmon servers


Best Minecraft pixelmon servers

Pixelmon in Minecraft adds Pokemon to your game. Pixelmon is a game that can be enjoyed alone in a survival world. However, many players love to play it with other players.

Pixelmon adds Pokemon to the game. It also allows for trading, breeding, and battles. Pixelmon is very similar in gameplay to Pokemon, which is why it is a favorite of many Minecraft players over the years.

This article will rank the top Pixelmon servers in 2022, which all players should attempt.

10) Pokeland

Pokeland, a smaller Pixelmon server, has a lot of fun! There are several realm options, including forest, tundra and oasis. A help building is located in the lobby of the server to explain to new players how to add the Pixelmon mod to the game.

Pokeland also offers tournaments in which players can win $500 USD


9) SmashMC

SmashMC offers both vanilla survival and Pixelmon options. There are many Pixelmon servers on the server, including Kyogre and Rayquaza as well as Groudon, Kyuren and Reshiram.


8) SedexCraft

SedexCraft, a Pixelmon server, offers two game modes: Pikadex and Pikacore. Pikadex is the most popular. Pikacore offers survival and backpacks while Pikadex has gyms and safaris.


7) SoulPixel Network

SoulPixel Network, a Spanish server, has three game modes: silver, gold, or showdown. However, the gold server is still in development and will be available soon!

This server is completely in Spanish. If you don't speak Spanish, be prepared to translate.


6) PokeParadise

PokeParadise, a small but powerful server. Their beautiful builds impressed me right away. PokeParadise offers many unique features such as custom textures and quests, guilds for players, NPC gyms, daily activities, and more.

You can also find a tutorial on how you can download modpacks that players are interested in.


5) Fruit Servers

Fruit Servers offers many games including Pixelmon. Fruit Servers also offers Survivor, Skyblock and Prison games, as well as Creative.


4) Odyssey

Odyssey is a network of decent size that offers many games. You can find many games on Odyssey, including Towny, Survivor and Pixelmon.

The server also includes a Pixelmon server, which is very unique.


3) Pixelmon Realms

Pixelmon Realms, a simple Pixelmon server, has several realms available. These are Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Platinum, and Ruby.

For players who are having trouble installing the Pixelmon modpack, there is a tutorial available on the server.


2) PokeSaga

PokeSaga, a Pixelmon server, offers a wide range of options. For the best Pixelmon experience, there are twelve realms available. You can also find custom textures, guilds and quests, daily events as well as battle frontiers, boss events, and many other features.

PokeSage has a lot to offer and is a great choice for anyone looking for a Pixelmon server.


1) Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming is a large network offering a wide range of games and a lot of Pixelmon realms. With Showdown Season II underway, it is reputed to be one the most popular Pixelmon servers. There are ten Pixelmon realms available on the server, as well as other games like Factions, Skyblock and Prison.